43 Nayland Street

Sumner Mall

Christchurch 8081

Opening hours:

Monday - Sunday

7:30 - 16:00

03 326 3357

sumner bakery making takeaway coffee with oat milk
Sumner takeaways

Seaside, pastry

& coffee

Sumner Bakery is conveniently serving the customers 7 days a week with the best morning combo - pastry&coffee. Enjoy the sea breeze and smell of flowers outside while you wait for your take-away coffee. We brew C4 Krank blend. T-leaf teas and selection of NZ made cold drinks. Come early to enjoy the selection, we often sell out early especially on a sunny day. 

Looking for lunch?

Take a loaf of fresh bread home to make your own or choose from a selection of pies, sausage rolls, toasties and sandwiches. Many vegetarian and plant based options available too. 

Picture full of different pastries and bread products

Sumner is where it all started..

Sumner bakery is our Sourdough HQ. Everyday the bakers start about 2 am  to bake the loaves that they mixed and shaped the day before and left them slowly ferment in the fridge for 15 hours. This cycle is in place to allow some sleep for the bakers, provide freshest bread possible for the customers and impart flavor, longer shelf life and health benefits to the loaves.