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French bakery Christchurch

Neat places

"a cozy enclave filled with the smells and sounds of a traditional bakery humming away as it pumps out some of the most delicious baked goods"


Neat places

"Bohemian Bakery has become a firm favourite for locals, as well as those from wider areas who just can’t pass up the fantastic bread and traditional treats."


Lex Roh, ''a finalist in the 2017 Farmers Mill Great New Zealand Bake Off, a who's who of New Zealand bakers.''

Sumner bakery

Harbour Coop

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"My grandmother was an exceptional baker, she would bake traditional pastry for weddings, so I learnt from her as a child."



The fit-out of the new city pad is as artful and satisfying as the baked goods themselves – natural wood, exposed brick, beautiful cabinetry, a shiny espresso machine and a bird's eye view of the bakery.

Foreign Articles

Caraway Sourdough


We got some attention from Slovak on-line media

Baker putting sausage rolls into the rack


Lovely Czech couple travelling around New Zealand wrote this article that really depicts our bakery very well. Great piece of journalism.

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