Maka Angyalova

Founder & Owner & Food taster & Baker

Maka missed  good bread she used to eat  in Czech & Slovakia and decided to give a little beach side bakery a go.

Plan was to bake everything herself and only open the shop 3 days a week. The Sumner community response was very positive and the bakery now employs 20+ people. 

Maka studied business and worked in various account management and research positions prior becoming a baker after training in Bellbird bakery and lots of self-study. 

She loves to research and develop new recipes but she mainly sits in front of the computer doing what she hates :). 


"We are a multinational team of people with colorful professional careers creating an amazing learning environment full of energy and drive to out-do ourselves.  There is always a better croissant recipe, undiscovered ingredient, new way  to shape the bread.... journey never ends. " (Maka)

Lex Roh

Head Baker

Lex learned the craft in his father's bakery in homeland Korea.  Later on, he trained and worked at international bakery in Korea  gaining experience in bread making, cake decorating, and pastry production.


He came to New Zealand in 2015 to study English but decided to stay attracted by the country's beauty and relaxed kiwi attitude. 

For us, he is a living-walking baking encyclopedia and he keeps us all in line with meticulous organization of all bakery jobs. 

Lex won golden medals in Farmers Mill NZ Bread Bake Off for Baguette, Ciabatta, and, Plaited bread and  silver for Pretzel. 

He goes fishing, but we are yet to see a fish he caught, and he likes heavy-oaky red wines. 

Head baker Lex working on plain croissants

Michaela Sliva

Operations Manager

Misha has a can do attitude like no one else! 

This picture perfectly depicts the kind of person she is - she never shies away from any task on hand and believes that with hard work and perseverance anything can be achieved. Customers come first and she demands top class customer service from our team.

She looks after front of the house and cafe & shops operations and a myriad of little things behind the scenes that always come up. 


Btw - she unblocked that toilet.

Misa in the toilet.JPG

Iveta Šota

Chef & Delivery &Wholesale manager & many other things too

Iveta can do anything, we couldn't do it without her and she is a truly nice person. She uses her unique food aesthetics in designing and preparing meals & catering  boxes, but that is just a start. Her organizational skills come through in every aspect of our business. 

Iveta has baking, cooking & marketing experience from Latvia & Norway. 


What do we believe in ?

We believe that simple good ingredients in hands of passionate craftsman result in the best food possible with true&pure flavors bringing nutrition and pleasure to our customer. 

Ane Vermak

Pastry Chef

Ane is a super organised person as you would expect for a Pastry Chef. 

She makes sure that all our desserts are beautifully presented and prepared on time for our shops and customer orders.  She has a steady hand piping eclairs and produces about 400 tarts every week for your sweet pleasures. 


Barbora Jankovicova

Cafe Manager

Barbora manages St Martins branch with charm and precision. The pastry display is always stunning and her coffee is a morning starter for many local residents and neighbours. 


......and Nel, Daniel, Emily, Renee, Ane, Yvonne, Lucie, Sia, Clayton, Eva, Ustia, Jarmila, Gyorgyi, Balint, Lucy, Hanka, May, Trupti, Max, Annette, Blanka, Luis, Ren, Heath, Dave, Tomas, Saralena, Mai, Gerard