Our cakes are about taste that comes from top quality ingredients and no additives. We use Belgium chocolate, New Zealand butter, free range eggs from Bruce, and seasonal fruit. 

We make a variety of dairy or gluten free cakes and some vegan cakes. Where the texture is not influenced, we use less sugar than normally recipes call for rellying on the other ingredients to deliver the taste.


Cakes are 23 cm (9 inch) rounds and come in a cake box ready for you to pick up and transport. There are 12-16 servings in one cake depending on number of layers. A larger 12 inch cake can be ordered, call us to discuss this. 

Given our no additives promise, we do not make decorations requiring colour additives that kids birthday cakes often have. When we make kids cakes, spices such as cinnamon or turmeric and chocolate or fruit powders are used. The colours are more subdued and range more limited but waaaay more natural :). 

Please, allow 5 days for the order to be completed. Call 326 33 57 to order.


Whiskey Chocolate - Caramel and Hazelnut Layer Cake


This decadent cake contrast bitter-sweet 60% chocolate with slightly salty caramel. Hazelnuts add crunch and good looks. Whisky provides warming feeling in your tummy. 


Lemon Drizzle Polenta and Almond Cake


So fresh and light, this cake is naturally gluten free. Polenta gives it pleasant crunch. It stays moist for long due to the lemon syrup and almond flour. 

Available in orange version, too.


Spiced Apple Cake with Cinnamon Meringue Topping


This cake is about autumn - sour apples spiced with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamon topped with brown sugar and cinnamon meringue sprinkled with caramelized walnuts. 

We like it in gluten free version made with oat flour, brown rice flour and tapioca. 


Chocolate - Hazelnut Layer Cake (vegan)


Dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts shine through in this cake. Ground linseeds and oat flour are trying to trick you that it might be a good idea to eat it for breakfast.  Coconut oil -choc ganache makes it a cake worth a celebration.



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